Pouchieology is the philosophy we live by at Pouchie Pals.
Everyone knows a child who just can’t sleep without her favorite blankie, or a child who cannot go to the doctor without his special stuffed animal. It's the smell, the feel, the look, the texture, and sometimes even the grimy nature of it that comforts the child. Even if it is possible for a parent to buy an exact look-a-like, in the child’s mind…ONLY the original, child-chosen object will do 


Pouchieology recognizes the power of transitional objects.
We believe that there is true power behind the “security object”, or as the psychologists call them, “transitional objects” and seek to harness that power to help children. When kids get hurt, or are uncomfortable, stressed or anxious, they want the comfort of their OWN, chosen object.


Pouchieology is based in scientific & psychological research.
Research shows that the attachment to “transitional objects” usually begins around 1-2 years of age, a time when children look for more autonomy yet still seek support and security. Milestones such as increased mobility and sleeping through the night often cause heightened separation anxiety. The security object is thought to be a bridge between the independence and the security they seek.


Pouchieology is {soothing in a single snuggle} when it's needed most.

When do children need to be soothed? Many parents say, it feels like “ALL THE TIME”. However, child psychologists would say, “while children experience anxiety differently, there are moments that consistently trigger anxiety" such as when:

  •       hurt, uncomfortable or in pain     

  •       sick

  •       feeling fearful (darkness, sleeping alone, etc.)

  •       separating from loved ones or away from home

  •       trying something new or working through a challenge or crisis


Pouchieology promotes a child-centric approach to comfort.
Pouchie Pals will never interfere with children's relationship to their security object. Instead, Pouchie Pals empowers children to soothe themselves while providing safe, enhanced comfort during their most stressful moments.