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Pouchie Pals are ECO-FRIENDLY.
In addition to our specially designed inserts, Pouchie Pals are the go-to holders of anything that makes situations less stressful & “ouchie.” Combined with the soothing power of a child’s security object, our Pals provide maximum comfort & minimize waste through reusable, washable, non-toxic materials.


Pouchie Pals USE ALL FIVE SENSES to comfort.

Our Pals are unique in using all five senses to encourage self-soothing.


While younger children are most often associated with security objects, research confirms this attachment goes beyond the early years for many and even lasts until college for some.


Pouchie Pals can COMFORT ALL.

Comfort objects are child-chosen and can include anything from a sock to a washcloth or even a toy phone. While the majority of children choose a blanket or stuffed animal, there is a smaller subset of children who do not have a favored object. They, too, can find comfort by pairing Pouchie Pals with personal items that are familiar and of their own choosing. Some adults, too, seek the cozy comfort of Pouchie Pals by simply placing the pouches directly on themselves or keeping them close by, when needed.

The Science of Soothing Child tested, Parent & Pyschologist Approved
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