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AN IDEA WAS BORN. "Why not use my child’s own favorite bear to help apply the ice?” That night, we put the ice inside the plush clothing of his favorite stuffed animal so that his cherished cuddly could ice him, while he snuggled with it, smelled it, and was comforted by it. Unfortunately, the clothing could not keep the ice in place. But, his favorite stuffed animal helped soothe him, as it always did, with the added bonus of the ice helping at the same time!


THE IDEA GREW. We thought, “Why not use the bear to help apply ANYTHING that might soothe my child?" After researching and learning much more about the impact, importance and positive benefits of “transitional” objects (child's favorite stuffed animals, blankies, etc.), we realized that there is true power and psychology behind this idea and how it worked to help my son.


A BUSINESS WAS BORN out of our desire to help comfort and lower stress for little ones during times of pain, stress, anxiety or discomfort.  As we began to develop Pouchie Pals: Ice Hero and Pouchie Pals: Heat Hero, and our company’s philosophy Pouchieology {the science of soothing}, we quickly realized that we could expand on this concept. Kids already use their “transitional object” to help fall asleep, but why not add some scents that may aid in sleep. Our answer: Pouchie Pals: Dream Whisperer, pairing scents with a child’s security object for bedtime bliss. Or, when your child is separating or away from the comforts of home, why not let Pouchie Pals: Memory Keeper hold a photo or positive memory to help bolster your child.


Parents already trust our brand and more Pouchie Pals products are currently being researched, developed & tested. We hope your children are comforted by Pouchie Pals as much as ours are!

My two young boys, like all young children, often get small injuries, bumps, bruises, insect bites and fevers. The "prescription" from the doctor, grandma, or my best friend usually involved applying ice. Easier said than done. No matter what kid-friendly ice or gel pack I tried, they refused to use the ice. After one particularly painful injury to my younger son’s nose, I tried all the tricks in my "mom's toolbox" to get him to apply the ice, all to no avail. I finally gave up and just a few minutes later he was snuggling his favorite teddy bear, right next to his swollen nose. 

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made to soothe & comfort

based on research & developmental theory

Boo boo, kids ice pack, bump and bruises

non-toxic & safe for children

re-usable & washable

able to be used with & without comfort objects


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