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Brighten every day with The PERFECT GIFT from Pouchie Pals! The must-have soothing solution helping children to snuggle, soothe & smile. 

All your “thinking of you” needs are fulfilled with ice or heat, calming scents and even photo memories. The champions of calm…your protecting Pals are here to save the day!

You can choose from the following:
Option 1: ICE HERO
Option 2: HEAT HERO


Sunshine & Smiles: Single Pal

  • Gift wrapped and beautifully presented in a chocolate colored gift box with message:
    Sunshine & Smiles
    Sending best wishes with Pouchie Pals, the must-have soothing solution helping children bring calming comfort to every milestone. XOXO

    For Expedited Shipping (1 or 2 Day) or Personalized Gift Cards, contact: 1-855-POUCHIE (1-855-768-2443) or

    + ICE HERO: Store (including the non-toxic, flexible gel pack insert and its re-useable bag) in the refrigerator or freezer so it is always clean, cool and ready whenever the next boo-boo, ache, fever or bite strikes.
    + HEAT HERO: Store (including the non-toxic, gelpack insert) in its re-useable bag so it is always clean and ready to comfort whenever minor aches & pains strike. When ready to use POUCHIE PALS: HEAT HERO, distribute gel evenly and place in microwave for 10 seconds or under hot water until desired temperature is reached. CAUTION! Gel can get very hot.
    + DREAM WHISPERER: Store lavender scented insert in its re-useable bag so it is always ready to provide sweet dreams and calming comfort.
    + MEMORY KEEPER: Have an adult or child select meaningful 3.5x5 or trimmed 4x6 photos, which can be placed inside Pouchie Pals: MEMORY KEEPER, so it is always ready to provide calming comfort during children’s relaxing or stressful moments.
    + Attach any of the Pouchie Pals to your child’s favorite toy or cuddly object. Let your child relax and snuggle. Or place Pouchie Pals’ soft, minky pouch directly on your child.
    + If needed, remove insert & machine-wash Pouchie Pals cold gentle cycle; tumble dry low.

    *USE ONLY UNDER ADULT SUPERVISION. Not intended for use by children under 36 months.
    **If you experience any allergic reaction, discontinue use.

    All Pouchie Pals Products:
    •Made by Parents For Parents & Kids
    •Based on scientific & developmental theory
    •Washable (remove inserts)
    •“Green”: reusable inserts & packaging
    •Keep "loveys" safe and clean
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