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Faster than that ouchie strikes!
More powerful than any bump, fever, ache or bite!
Able to soothe in a single snuggle...

ICE HERO: Empowering children to help themselves when they are hurt, hot or have a boo-boo, fever, ache or an insect bite.


Ice Hero

  • Save the day with the COOLest hero that brings the boo-boo-be-gone powers of ICE to your child's favorite stuffed animal, blankie & more.


    + Place Pouchie Pals: ICE HERO (including the non-toxic, flexible gel pack insert and its re-useable bag) in the refrigerator or freezer so it is always clean, cool and ready whenever the next boo-boo, ache, fever or bite strikes.

    + Attach ICE HERO to your child’s favorite toy or cuddly object. Let your child relax and snuggle while applying the ice. Or place Pouchie Pals’s soft, minky pouch directly on your child.

    + If needed, remove insert & machine-wash ICE HERO cold gentle cycle; tumble dry low.

    *USE ONLY UNDER ADULT SUPERVISION. Not intended for use by children under 36 months.

    All Pouchie Pals Products:
    •Made by Parents For Parents & Kids
    •Based on scientific research and developmental theory
    •Washable (inserts must be removed before washing)
    •“Green” – reusable inserts and packaging
    •Keep treasured transitional objects clean and safe
    •Size: approximately 4"x6" and have stretchable straps that work on almost any stuffed animal, blankie or cuddle object.
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