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(Made by Parents For Parents & Kids)

      Only non-toxic materials


      No choking hazards

      Green – reusable inserts and packaging

      Treasured transitional objects stay safe and clean

      Always use under adult supervision


      Soft & Plush - even for the most sensitive skin types

      "Kid Tested and Approved" materials based on comfort and usability

      Thin material, which transmits the benefits of the inserts

      Made with families in mind - on the go, always prepared & even a thoughtful gift


     Comes in a variety of kid-friendly styles

     Sold individually or in multi-packs

     Can be sold with or without an accompanying inserts:

     Ice Hero: Can accommodate most ice and gel packs that you may have in your freezer or just use ice in a baggie, or frozen peas, etc.

     Heat Hero: Heat in microwave or under hot water based on desired temperature

     Dream Whisperer: Various scents will be available

     Memory Keeper: Photos of your child’s choosing can be put within the pouch

     All Pouchie Pals may be filled with comforting objects (ie. bandaids or lollipops before a doctor visit)

     Bulk orders can be customized for businesses or special occasions

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