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  • Adar Novak

Love Makes Little Things Grow

Valentine's Day began as a way to honor Saint Valentine in Rome, who performed wedding ceremonies for soldiers who were not allowed to marry. Through the centuries it has evolved to the romantic, cards-and-flowers-between-couples holiday we now acknowledge. In my family, Valentine's Day goes beyond the traditional couple-driven holiday and presents an opportunity to foster love between our daughters, making the day even sweeter. Every year I take my daughters — one at a time, if possible — to the local drugstore or toy store to choose a little gift for her sister. I help them buy a tiny pack of jelly beans, a little journal or a small stuffed animal as a way help demonstrate their love for each other. Here's why: As parents, it is a true gift to see our children expressing love for one another. The way their eyes light up as they open their gifts, and the hugs that follow, show the true sense of gratitude and affection that our “giving lesson” instills in our children. Even small tokens of love can be grand gestures. At Pouchie Pals, every Pal we make is our token of love ready to soothe and comfort your family and friends. For Valentine’s Day and every day, Pouchie Pals are ready to warm hearts, inspire self-soothing and empower children. Wishing you and your whole family a very happy and loving Valentine's Day!


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