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For complete transparency, I must admit, that my boys feel they are not only the inspiration for this business but also true partners in the business as well. Here’s why…

First, like most young children, our boys are injury prone. While most have been relatively minor, we have had some real scares which, as any parent knows, can be incredibly impactful and even life changing.

Second, the “AHA” moment – it came in two parts:

  • We took my son to a local clinic one evening and the incredibly nice doctor walked in and handed my son a teddy bear with the name of the practice on its shirt. Although it was a lovely gesture, as soon as we left, both my son and I had the same sentiment… this was something we would donate to another child who would appreciate it more (but we would wait a few days so we would be sure no germs from my son or the clinic were lingering). We both knew he just wanted the comfort of his own “baby”, his favorite stuffed animal, which was lying on his bed at home.

  • That very same night, as we were getting out of the car to come home, my same 6 year old managed to fall nose-first onto the console of the car. Immediately, hysterical crying and nose swelling ensued. Followed by a call to the doctor, who very calmly said we would need to wait a few days to see if the nose was broken but he should ICE, ICE, ICE his nose as much as possible for the next 48 hours. Most kids I know are not so good at following that advice, despite all the gimmicks and options out there. We, as parents, then end up nagging and bothering our poor children when they are already feeling uncomfortable. BUT, that evening as I was begging my son to keep the ice on his nose (which he simply REFUSED to do), I turned around and saw him snuggling up to his “baby”. I grabbed the ice, stuck it inside the clothing of his baby so he could continue to snuggle and smell and touch his “lovey” all WHILE getting the benefits of the cold ice. And, guess what, he didn’t complain... not a peep.

Through the many bumps, bruises and doctor visits that have occurred since that night, my boys firmly believe that their boo boos healed much faster because they were so much more comfortable using the ice or heat. I, too, feel good that we have been able to empower my children to comfort themselves while also following doctor’s orders! They also feel they sleep much better when using Dream Whisperer and both are looking forward to bringing their photo-filled Memory Keeper to sleep-away camp with them this summer.

Lastly, our joint family decision that this might be an idea that could HELP KIDS everywhere!

We are all huge Shark Tank (the hit ABC show which features entrepreneurs seeking investment) fans and desperately want to find ways to exercise our entrepreneurial spirit. A new business idea is pitched almost daily in our house but Pouchie Pals was definitely the winner.

So, as you use your Pouchie Pals, know that it comes with love Mom to Mom; Parent to Parent; Child to Child (my children were instrumental in helping to create the first prototypes, sketches, and are great testers of the durability of the products). Not until I became a parent, did I realize the many challenges parents face when raising children, and how many little ones are challenged with major and minor health issues, both physical and psychological. If we are able to help in any way, then we will have fulfilled our mission.

I feel so lucky I have been able to find a way to help our little ones and hope you have joy providing the same comfort to your own children or as a gift for others. I look forward to being a source or self-soothing for all the adventures, bumps, bruises & all, that lie ahead!

Soothing in a Single Snuggle,

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