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How big are the Pals?

All Pouchie Pals are sized to fit perfectly with most security objects and allow for easy storage and portability at about 4.5x6.5 inches. 
In addition our standard inserts are no larger than 4x6 inches.


Do I need a special insert to put my own ice into the Ice Hero?

You can use anything from ice packs you have around the house to frozen peas or blueberries to ice cubes in a baggie. Pouchie Pals offers an ice pack option but you can use whatever works best for you and your little ones.


How long will the scent last in my Dream Whisperer?

Scents should last between 6 months to a year and sometimes longer. When you or your child feel you need a stronger scent, you can purchase additional scented inserts here. We are constantly developing new soothing scents so visit us often to see our newest scented options.


What size photographs are needed for the Memory Keeper?

You can use a standard 3.5x5" photograph or trim any photograph or create a collage of photographs. This size photograph is great for Instagram prints!  You and your child can choose whatever will be most comforting and impactful.


Can I intermix my pouches and inserts?

Yes! You can intermix but you may prefer not to. People often prefer to keep the Ice Hero in the freezer for use when needed and the scents from Dream Whisperer’s inserts may last on your Pouchie Pals even after the insert has been removed.


What if I don't want to encourage my child's use a transitional object?

Some people do become concerned about their child's use of their special object and some believe it may be infantalizing.  We encourage you to read what the experts have to say about this and why you should NOT worry.  But if concerns remain, Pouchie Pals can be used with or without a child's special object to provide Soothing in a Single Snuggle.


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